Welcome to Horizon Agriculture, the new name in conservation agriculture machinery. Horizon agriculture is a trading name of Sly Agri Ltd.

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Why are we called Horizon Agriculture?

The Soil Horizons describe the different layers of our soil. Without soil we would have no food and so it is vital we preserve, maintain and replenish soil. Our entire business focus and all our products are designed with this in mind, hence our name, Horizon Agriculture.

O (Organic)

This is a layer of organic matter that is about 2 inches thick and is made up of dead plant material such as leaves and twigs.

A (Surface)

This upper soil horizon is also called Topsoil. It is only between 5 to 10 inches thick and consists of organic matter and minerals. This is the soil layer where plants and organisms primarily live.

B (Subsoil)

This layer is also called Subsoil. It is mostly made of clay, iron minerals as well as organic matter, which has been washed down to this horizon by rainwater.

C (Substratum)

The C horizon is the parent material from which the upper soil layers developed. It consists primarily of large rocks.

R (Bedrock)

This is the bedrock and is located several feet under the surface. The bedrock is made up of a solid mass of rock.

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