DSX Drill

DSX Seeder

After years of experience in conservation tillage machinery, we travelled the world to find a no-till coulter design we could adapt for European conditions. Weather and climate is constantly changing, conditions change, residue levels change, so choosing the correct coulter is vital to your success.

We quickly found out that the no-till drill which could fix most of these issues, was available in Australia. The Manufacturer was BOSS and they are pioneers of the No-till technology. We then proposed to BOSS a partnership whereby Sly France and BOSS share experiences and technology.

When the structure of the business changed and Sly France was sold to Agrisem we saw that this was a chance to improve on this design with the experiences that we had built up over the last 6-7 years. We took all of the good bits of the existing seeder, changed all of the bad bits and added some improvements and came up with the DSX.

Row unit

The row unit has been redesigned to be better able to cope with increased volumes of trash found on higher straw yielding crops. The disc angle has been kept the same, the undercut design means that the disc will pull itself into work and not require masses of weight to push it into the ground. This gives an advantage with a lighter less powerful tractor being needed to pull the seeder which in turn leads to less fuel usage. Typically a 6m seeder can be pulled with 140-170hp on level ground with the extra power being needed for steep hills.

It is easy to adjust the pressure put onto each row unit with hydraulic cylinders applying pressure onto each row unit. With the optional Precision Planting Seederforce you can have automatic control of the row unit down pressure to enable optimum seedbed conditions.

The row units can be fitted with optional row cleaners which sweep loose debris away from the path of each row unit. The benefits of this are seen in usually high straw yielding crops such as maize. These can be automatically controlled by Precision Planting Cleansweep so that adjustment is at your fingertips. We can provide an optional compressor for tractors that do not have air brakes.

Each row unit comes fitted with scrapers on the discs and side wheels. The scrapers and the side wheels work together in order to keep the disc free from build up of sticky soils. An added advantage of the side wheel is that the wedge of soil being cut by the disc is never allowed to fully invert, meaning that it is easier to close the slot fully and “divots” of soil are not left on the surface.

The seed is dropped to the side of the disc in the bottom of the slot by the boot. Each row unit is fitted with a D cup Diffuser to take all of the air pressure out of the seed flow and allow the seed to drop by gravity into the slot. This prevents seed from being blown out of the slot at higher air pressures that are needed for either high seed rates or heavy seeds on wider seeders. An advantage of the D cup diffuser is that it includes a visual blockage detection in the rare event of a seed boot blockage occurring.

We made the seed boot easier to remove for maintenance. In order to replace it there are three bolts to remove and the wearing part comes of ready for replacement. There is no need to remove the disc when changing the wearing part. We have also designed the seed boot so that it will accept a seed firmer, including the Precision Planting Smart Firmer.

The final part of the row unit is the closing wheel. This has two important functions. Firstly it controls the depth of the slot. Secondly it closes the slot. As the closing wheel has the weight of the seeder on it it is very successful at closing the slot in all conditions. In order to aid this happening it is possible to change the angle of the closing wheel to make it more or less aggressive and “pull” soil into the slot. We have different types of closing wheel available depending upon the way the seeder is used.

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The tank is a single piece pressurised tank which can be used as a single tank or split into two or three tanks depending upon the requirements. As a single tank capacity is 4600L, double tank is 50;50 split and a triple tank is 60:10:30. The tanks are plumbed so that they can supply both front and rear rows of the seeder, front only, rear only or a mix depending upon the tank. The pressurised tank means that there is no venturi prior to the metering units which can lead to bridging. We use industry leading metering units which can meter small, medium and large seeds.


The seeder controller is an RDS ISOCAN system which comes with its own touchscreen. The only connections required are a cable to be connected to the tractor battery and fixed to end at the rear of the tractor. We can also supply an ISOBUS compatible version of this system which can be used if you already have an existing ISOBUS terminal in the cab and do not wish to install another screen. The RDS control system can control tramline valves if required. We do not fit these as standard.


We do not supply markers with the seeder as standard as most tractors are fitted with autosteer which makes these obsolete. It is possible to specify these as an optional extra.



Precision Planters

Designed for easy fitment of all precision planting components

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Liquid Fertiliser System

From a single Plug and Start controller kit to a complete field ready solution with tank and applicator.

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