Company Restructure: Horizon Agriculture® – The trading name of Sly Agri Ltd

Sly Agri was founded 14 years ago in the UK by George Sly. The company was built on a strong family history of agricultural equipment and engineering. Now moving to be known as Horizon Agriculture focused on regenerative and conservation agricultural equipment, a new brand of seeding/planting and tilling equipment worldwide.

Soil is the media between the ground and the sky, it’s where we are all looking and focussing – “What’s on the Horizon?” This will be the company name and branding for the future. The new British engineered and built products will deliver cutting edge technology for seeding, planting and new tillage equipment to preserve our most vital resource “soil”. With our 300 Hectare farm on site we have the perfect test bed and development centre. 

Johannes Weber, Technical Director for Horizon Agriculture brings a wealth of experience from designing, engineering and supporting seed drills and strip tillage machines across Europe. He has been key in the development of the new products coming soon from Horizon Agriculture. 

George Sly, Managing Director has grown the seed drill, strip tillage and precision planting business in the UK since 2010 and is looking forward to continued growth of our sales market and product development worldwide.  

With some UK and international sales already under their belt, George and Johannes are bringing some revolutionary ideas and products to the market. A newly engineered no tillage and minimum tillage drill has been developed in house with first deliveries expected for 3rd week of January. It features some never seen before technology such as the all new SeederForce system which is an active sensing of the rear following wheel in relation to a consistent seeding depth regardless of ground conditions. If the seeding disc encounters harder ground the force on the following wheel is reduced. With SeederForce the down pressure is increased to improve seed depth, placement and closing of the slot, this Is automatic and continually sensing and adjusting.

Precision Planting technology will be sold and delivered in the UK through Horizon Agriculture. Focussed on either adapting existing precision seed drills to include technology such as the SmartFirmer, a sensor giving you a constant view of residue (organic matter), moisture and temperature conditions around the seed. Alternatively, the technology can be installed on the Precision Planting row units available from Horizon Agriculture. This Precision Planting technology offers a solution for improving crop performance and yield with precision drilled crops be that maize, sugar beet, oil seed rape, soya or vegetables. Frames for the Precision Planting row units will be manufactured in Lincolnshire. The precision seeding row units can be combined with an all new strip tillage concept currently being developed by Johannes and George with their team at Spalding. 

One of the key points for the recent changes is the increase in local employment at the factory. Seven additional people have been added to the team. Significant investment has been made in a new three stage painting process and new assembly hall. We are pleased that we have also had support from local govt and Innovate UK. 

British engineering and manufacture will allow us to better support and service our products. 

We look forward to sharing more information at LAMMA 2020 and welcoming you to Horizon Agriculture® stand 19.412, also showing Precision Planting® and our Traxxis® brands.

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